HealthInvest leads the training industry with creative and advanced healthcare program educational modules, and uses the latest technology to bring the most up to date information to all healthcare trainees. HealthInvest’s training programs allow trainees to gain knowledge and skills from advanced training in specialized fields to become leading investigators and educators in an ever-increasingly challenging healthcare environment.

HealthInvest delivers the relevant educational programs via the latest technology. The training programs allow trainees to gain knowledge, and skills, in a specialized area and perform original research under supervision of a network member.

The diverse educator background answers all the requirements of a successful training program by being: learner-centered, assessment-centered, curriculum-centered and community-centered.

HealthInvest offers its clients the following:

  • On the job training
  • Regular conventional class room training
  • Continuous professional development courses (CPD) in the different specialties and sub-specialties of medicine
  • E-Learning and Web tutoring
  • Skills training by experienced medical professionals
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