Our Vision

HealthInvest aspires to be a pioneering healthcare network that improves healthcare in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Our Mission

HealthInvest provides creative and superior solutions for healthcare challenges. The company’s unique capacity to provide customers with excellent services and products is the result of consistent improvement and innovation.

Outstanding competence, extraordinary team spirit, and visionary management are the key factors for excelling in terms of customer satisfaction. Such brilliance is only possible when no detail is overlooked – such dedication is satisfying.

HealthInvest’s business activities are focused on developing and delivering world-class services. Our mission as a healthcare company is to achieve distinction.

Our Values

Healthcare professionals are bound by a code of ethics that defines the parameters of the choices made in that role. A code of ethics is a set of values that govern conduct and provide guidelines for making judgments about what is acceptable and desirable in each context.

Health Invest embraces confidentiality, the respect of boundaries, professional development, cultural competence, respect for all parties, and professional integrity.
We make promises and keep them through our respectful and accountable synergy, which helps us reach higher performance levels.

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